CarbonAid® CO2 diffuser is a disposable device intended for the insufflation of CO2 into the open cardiothoracic wound cavity to reduce the risk of air embolism during open heart surgery. CarbonAid® delivers CO2 with a flow of 10 L/min without any turbulence. This, together with a continuous overflow, results in a 100 % CO2 atmosphere within the open thoracic cavity.

Incomplete De-Airing
Complete De-Airing

Air bubbles normally occur during open heart surgery. CarbonAid and CarbonMini provide complete de-airing, thereby preventing air bubbles from developing during open heart surgery. The CO2 concentration will be close to 100 %.

Two sizes of CO2 diffusers- cover all wound sizes

During open-heart surgery through a full sternotomy, a CO2 flow of 10 L/min from the CarbonAid® is needed to generate continuous effective de-airing despite hand movements and use of suctioning devices. For smaller sized wounds a CO2 flow of 3–8 L/min is, with the smaller CarbonMini®, sufficient for efficient de-airing. Both products delivers CO2 without turbulence, which is essential to avoid admixture of ambient air. This is valid also when the foam tip is wet 

The distal part of the products consists of malleable tubing so that the diffuser tip can easily be positioned inside the wound cavity. Each product also contains a highly efficient bacterial filter and a long tubing for connection to a CO2 flow meter.