COR-KNOT DEVICE - more reach, easier control

The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® DEVICE and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS DEVICE allows the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.


The COR-KNOT® DEVICE has several key benefits that distinguish it as a leading suture fastening system in cardiothoracic surgery

• Exquisite remote suture tensioning 
• Unsurpassed visibility of prosthetic-tissue interface
• One device simultaneously fastens and trims suture


• Faster and easier than hand tying
• Place fastener and precisely trim suture in seconds 
• May reduce cardiopulmonary bypass time


• Low profile, always strong mechanical fastener
• Unparalleled automated reliability
• Excellent hemodynamic and clinical results

Manual knot tying is time consuming and inconvenient. LSI SOLUTIONS’ titanium suture fastening technology offers a fast, easy and consistent alternative that reduces pump and clamp time.

A COR-KNOT® QUICK LOAD® is used to load a COR-KNOT® FASTENER into the COR-KNOT® DEVICE.   Each COR-KNOT® QUICK LOAD® provides one sterile COR-KNOT® FASTENER held in a customized loading unit consisting of a purple target, a wire snare and a blunt curved handle. Made from medical grade titanium, a COR-KNOT® FASTENER is a mushroom-shaped hollow sleeve, which is crimped by the COR-KNOT® DEVICE to fasten together segments of suture.

Watch leading heart surgeons perform MVR and AVR procedures using the COR-KNOT® SYSTEM.

With a single squeeze of the purple lever, the COR-KNOT® DEVICE fastens and trims the suture, eliminating the need for hand tied knots as well as laparoscopic scissors.

The COR-KNOT® QUICK LOAD® expedites the loading and reloading of a COR-KNOT® FASTENER into the COR-KNOT® DEVICE