Cardiac and vascular implants made from all-biological materials. Our products were engineered from both a material and design perspective to enhance durability, biocompatibility, and ease of implantation. In addition, the device portfolio aims to treat a wide range of patient populations without requiring sophisticated patient selection, repair techniques, or imaging.

Stented porcine aortic and mitral bioprostheses

All biologic valved aortic conduit. The first and only totally biological solution

Porcine pulmonic bioprosthesis

A permanent tissue structure available in a range of sizes

 All BioIntegral Surgical devices are backed by a lifetime warranty, the only of its kind in the medical device industry.  Balancing the most durable designs, biocompatible materials and quickest to implant devices, the implants are meant to eliminate the ordinary compromises and short-comings of other devices