The New Generation Sternum Support


Now with 2-way operating system. Easy to operate, comfortable wearing, suitable for every male and female patient after sternotomy.

SternaSafe UNI is an active sternum support band made from comfortable, soft, anti-bacterial and breathing materials developed for every patient men and woman after open heart surgery. The band is put on to the patient directly or one day after the operation and is worn during hospital stay and the first weeks at home. The average using time at home is 21 days.


Squeeze handles together with one hand, gives steady sternum support

Pulling down the pulley system  gives steady sternum support. Also easy to handle for patients with weak hands/finger strength

For patients who are unable to operate a system, short to long term strong fixation with the special elastic band.

Less Pain

While using the SternaSafe during breathing exercises, the patient has less fear and less pain. Because of this, better post surgical results are achieved.


SternaSafe gives good support and pressure around the thorax while coughing. It therefore protects against the "gap" movement and enhances the ventilation of the lower lung fields.


SternaSafe has a supporting effect on the thorax during straining movements.  The patient able to self-operate the SternaSafe so that the mobilisation process progresses more quickly.


One size fits all brace. Easy to adjust on everybody. Soft, breathable brace for maximum patient comfort.